Amberley Aromatics researches and produces a range of natural products for horses, dogs and other animals. These products are chemical free, based on plant oils and extracts as well as other natural ingredients.

Heather Richardson owns and runs Amberley Aromatics. Heather is a Professional Aromatherapist, both Equine and Human, a qualified Equine Touch Practitioner, and a Reiki Master. She is fully insured and a member of the International Equine Touch Association (IETA-UK).

Heather has also completed Dr Kellon’s NRC Plus equine nutrition and Nutrition as Therapy courses and uses the knowledge gained to help balance the diets of her clients’ horses. 

Heather has, over the years gained quite a lot of experience with dealing with laminitis, PPID (cushings) and insulin resistance. She is empathic with dealing with these difficult to manage conditions and is more than happy to help and share her experiences with others who are faced with these issues.

Heather specialises in what she likes to call Holistic Horsemanship. This is where her skills and experience are brought together to benefit both horse and owner, simply and naturally. She uses a combination of Equine Aromatherapy, Equine Touch, Equine Reiki, nutrition, the use of herbs and remedies as well as her knowledge of Equine Behaviour. Each element carefully selected as necessary depending on the horse and owner combination and the problems presented.

Amberley Aromatics

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