Jodhpur Boot the original Chelsea boot

Jodhpur Boots hit the high street fashion chains


Many of the high street fashion stores, have Chelsea boots in the stores for this autumn and winter. Those of you that are equestrian minded know how durable, comfortable and awesome these boots are, and have been over the many years that people have used them for riding. Myself and few of my equestrian friends are treating ourselves to a pair to wear for everyday fashion, and once this winter has passed and the fashion for the Chelsea boot  has faded we can use them as new riding boots.

It seems a winning situation, as over the winter my regular riding boots always seem to get annihlilated, by the mud and rain the british climate throws at them. I am as guilty as the next person of not caring for my leather boots, (although I preach to all the customers that buy them from me), I rarely let them dry out thoroughly and naturally, often placing them beside the radiator, and never once giving them any kind of treatment to stop them drying and cracking. The biggest of my sins though is mucking out in them and expecting the leather to survive the ammonia. So come the spring when the Chelsea boot has faded from fashion my Jodhpur boots will be nicely worn in and be ready to take over the riding mantel it was designed for.

Which of the boots that we stock will be suitable? The Dublin daily pull ons are a good value boot, and I would recommend them for the wider foot. The brown option for these boots is a lovely dark colour, which is also a fashion trend this season. The Tuffa Polo boot is a great boot and again offers good value, the resin sole is slightly thicker on this boot, so if you are hard on your soles this would make the best option. The last boot I will mention is the Toggi Ottowa, this is again a good value boot and is perfect for the narrower foot, the brown in this boot is also a great colour.

So all you fashionistas out there be wise and get double value from your boots this winter.

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