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glow ballThere are some new ranges of dog toys new into store, Chuckit! and Goughnuts.  We are all dog owners and lovers here,  so we have tried out quite a few already. With the winter upon us the days are very short so for those of us that walk our canine friends in the early mornings or evenings when its dark. There is a Chuckit! glow in the dark ball, and I speak from experience when I say its absolutely amazing. My little dog loves this ball, and so do I, as it cant get lost! I put it in my pocket with my torch while we walk to a local field and that is enough to charge it. It stays really bright for about 20 minutes. I have yet to try the Chuckit! ball launcher as my ball launcher is still in fine working order, although watching the video of the Chuckit! ball launcher I am very tempted.

goughnuts orig

The Goughnuts  range is for serious dogs, its a very tough almost indestructible dog toy range. The toys all come with a lifetime guarantee, when the red shows on the toy you can post it back and Goughnuts will replace it free of charge for you. So for those dog owners with dogs that have destroyed other types of toy this is the one for you. The range started with the ring shaped toy, hence the name Goughnuts.

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