Trip to Essex….Shut up!

We went on a day out! We escaped for a whole day! Jane, myself and Ozwald went for a trip to Essex. It was very exciting, we even stoppped at a cafe for a cup of tea, although Ozwald didnt partake of tea he was glad of the tree to relieve himself. Why did we go on this trip I here you ask?
We went to see the new Musto autumn winter 2014 collection. Which I have to say wasn’t disappointing. The whole range was very impressive. The ZP range was very streamlined and has got rid of any bulk, using a very clever layering system. The latest Synergy range is very clever and also very practical. There is also a quirky jacket that has sleeves that end at the elbow, perfect for while you are working especially with water, no more soggy sleeves. The warm layer system means that you are able to combine the waterproof breathable outer layer with an assortment of mid layers. The base layer is designed like many technical sports base layers, to be fast drying and wicking, taking any moisture away from the skin, making for a more comfortable ride. The mid layer can be a primaloft gilet, full sleeve primaloft jacket, or the half sleeve primaloft jacket. The outer layer can also be worn with no mid layer.
The equestrian part of the Musto autumn winter 2014 range, was also very nice, with the now favourite training training jacket, going back to black, from the previous years navy blue. There were also some very tough and practical coats, with the longer length, designed for instructors.
The life style range was very very nice with some beautiful knitwear, and accessories.
In all, it was a very impressive collection, and we are looking forward to it hitting the stock room.
Ozwald was happy to be a car dog for the day, because he had a treat once we returned to the store, a nice bone! Not once did anyone say shut up , while I was in Essex. Somehow I think the television series is exaggerated.

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