Summer supplememts

With warmer weather fast approaching its time to be proactive with the summer supplements. Help your equine friend evade some of the nastier summer problems. Global Herbs have an array of supplements to help keep your equine happy in the sunshine.
Global Herbs Fly Free is a great product that helps keep the flys away from your horse, and is of particular use when the midges are at thier worse in spring and summer. Global Herbs Fly Free is a strong smelling product however, and Global Herbs do recommend introducing it slowly into the horses feed. Many of the shop customers use it and are happy that it is good value for money.
Global Herbs also produce products that help alleviate scratching. From such problems as sweet itch to fly bites. If your horse is constantly scratching then there are several products of varying strengths. The best introduction to the Global Herbs Skratch range is Global Herbs Skratch syrup, it provides skin conditioning from the inside and the liquid formula gets into the horses system very quickly. The next step up in the range is Global Herbs Skratch Plus, this is a powder formulation the herbs have an even stronger action than their smell and work to maintain normal skin in even the most challenging conditions. It again should be introduced slowly into the horses feed, and many feed it with an appetiser such as apple juice or mint cordial.
The most powerful product that Global Herbs produce in the range is Super Skratch. This product also contains digestive aids, as many itchy conditions are due to a poor digestive system. By improving the digestive tract the skin benefits as it is able to use the food nutrients to heal the skin more quickly. This reduces the need for scratching as much. Some of our customers use this product and have seen results, although not a total cure, it has made a big difference to the quality of life of some of the local horses and ponies.
Global herbs also produce SuperCalm which can be used to help the need to scratch by making the horse less tense. Global Herbs SuperCalm again has three forms. Global Herbs Instant SuperCalm is in sachets that can be used at particular times of stress, such as a show. Given Two hours prior to the event your horse will be much calmer and be able to focus.
Global Herbs SuperCalm liquid is a maintenance product for the horse that needs everyday help to be calm. The liquid gets into the horses system quickly and will provide a difference in two to three days. Once this product is in the horses system it is possible to move to the SuperCalm powder, this provides a more cost effective way of maintaining the dose in the horses system. All of these products have positive feedback from our customers.
Hopefully you and your equine friends will have a great summer, whatever the weather may throw at us. This is after all Britain.

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