Chicken and poultry houses and runs are essential in keeping your pets comfortable and warm. Chicken and poultry need the basic essentials that humans do: food, water and shelter in order to stay alive and healthy. At Snack and Tack we have an extensive collection of chicken and poultry houses and runs available.

Whether you have 2 or 200 chickens and poultry, you still need somewhere for them to live, sleep and keep warm. It depends on the amount of chickens or poultry you keep to what size of house that you will need and we provide a variety of sizes for both chickens and hens at affordable prices. All of our chicken and poultry houses are easy to access in order to clean and have high quality roofing. We also have chicken and poultry houses with runs attached to them.

Some of you may want your chickens to be completely free range and have the ability to walk around and it is perfect if your next door neighbours do not mind them either. Although a big threat to chickens are foxes and you may not know this but foxes roam about in both cities and the countryside. Chicken and poultry runs give your chickens, hens and chicks the ability to run about outside but also have protection from other predators. Some chicken and poultry may also become lost if they are free to roam and in the unfortunate event may actually get stolen.

We have plenty of different sizes and types of chicken and poultry houses and runs available at Snack and Tack and we provide them at the best possible prices. It is important to us that chickens and poultry are correctly cared for so we provide you with the best chicken and poultry supplies from top brands such as Johnson’s, Stockshop and many more.

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