Horse rugs are handy for a wide variety of activities and there are many out there to choose from. If you are not familiar with horse rugs then they are an animal coat which is designed to protect the horse from winds or keep them warm. They are tailored to fit around a horse’s body from chest to rump providing them with comfort and warmth. Our horse rugs available at Snack and Tack are all high quality and from some of the most celebrated brands.

There are many types of horse rugs that you will need to consider and we stock many of them here at Snack and Tack. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of horse rugs and their uses then we have a short guide below:

Cooler Rugs – This particular type of horse rug is used to keep your horse’s body dry after an exercise routine. It can be dangerous to a horse if they are exposed to cool air instantaneously after a workout if they are full of sweat; thus meaning a cooler rug is a great choice. Put on their rug after exercise and allow them to cool down to prevent health problems.

Stable Rugs – This horse rug is only used inside and it acts as a blanket to keep your horse’s body warm whilst in their stable. An essential in the cold weather, a stable rug is a fantastic investment.

Turnout Rugs – Similarly to the stable rug, the turnout rug is used to keep your horse warm in colder climates. The only difference between the two is that this is more commonly used when outdoors as it is more heavyweight and warm.

Fly Rugs – Fly rugs, also named fly sheets are used to prevent flies and other insects from getting to your horse. Flies can be a nuisance when it comes to horse’s and can really make them feel uncomfortable so a fly rug is a great way of keeping them happy.

Reflective Rugs – Used when you are out riding and could come across roads for safety, these rugs are ideal for dark nights and mornings. These allow cars and oncoming traffic to be able to see your horse to prevent an accident.

There is many other horse rugs you will need to consider and we have more at Snack and Tack. Do not hesitate to check back for updates within our horse rugs range. View what else we have for the horse at Snack and Tack for affordable prices online.

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