At Snack and Tack we provide you with an excellent range of Mollichaff horse feed online. Mollichaff is a highly acclaimed brand which has exceptional reviews across the equestrian market. The Mollichaff brand is well-respected and is known for producing some of the highest quality and most advanced horse feed available today.

Their aim is to manufacture horse feed which increases your horse’s health and general well-being by adding bulk and fibre to your horse’s diet. They have, and still are researching into finding the highest quality horse feed recipe in order to have a complete horse feed aimed at horses with laminitis.

In order to make sure that your horse has the healthiest diet possible, all of the horse feed from Mollichaff contains no dust, thus having no effect on your horse’s respiratory system. There is a variety of flavours available from Mollichaff yet their original flavour is most common as it contains limestone which helps strong bones and healthy growth.

Mollichaff came about as Mark Westaway, the founder of Mollichaff, had horses himself and was concerned about his event horse’s constant coughing. Upon going to the vets with his horse, they suggested that it is because of the dust in their horse feed. Mark Westaway then decided to design a feed which contained no dust thus helping the overall health of his horses and everybody else’s with this very same problem.

We are always updating our stock so do not hesitate to check back next time for updates within our Mollichaff range. View what else we have to offer in our horse feeds section to find the best quality horse feed at the most affordable prices.


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