At Snack and Tack we offer you the best supplies when caring for your pet. It is important that your pet gets the best care possible in order to keep them happy and healthy within your home. Having a pet comes with great responsibility and it is similar to having another family member so they all need a bit of tender loving care every once in a while.

We provide you with everything you need when caring for your pets with our extensive supply of pet products available at Snack and Tack. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird or more we have all the supplies you need at affordable prices. We stock all the essentials to keep your pet healthy plus everything else you need to keep them happy!

The main essentials for keeping a pet are to give them food, water, a bed and regular exercise. It is almost as important to keep them happy too with toys, treats and other little accessories to give them attention and keep them occupied and content.

Dogs are the most popular pet to have in the UK; therefore we have all of the dog supplies you can imagine and plenty more pet supplies!