Taking care of a reptile is a lot different to taking care of any other type of domestic pet and with this is mind; we have many reptile supplies available to help. Reptiles are becoming a more common pet to have in the house as they are quiet and do not smell, in comparison to other household pets. Reptiles rely purely on their owners for survival as they usually need a source of heat, light and food to survive properly.

Some reptiles, although not all, require UV light in order to survive, as with normal light their bones could soften and they could be unnoticeably in agonising pain for years before they die. So at Snack and Tack we have a range of UV lamps and heat lamps available at affordable prices as we know they are a crucial part of taking care of your pet.

They also need the essentials of food, water and bedding to keep them healthy and content. Reptiles also need extra essentials for example hides & bowls as it is important to keep them in as much of their natural habitat as possible. We have plenty of reptile supplies at Snack and Tack at the best prices as we know it is important to care for your reptiles for less.

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