At Snack and Tack we stock the brilliant Snowflake brand, known for being an excellent bedding company for animals. Snowflake has over 35 years of experience within animal bedding and specialise in providing wood shavings and sawdust to fit your equestrian needs. They have now got access to a wide range of raw materials which makes it easier for them to provide us with a constant supply of great quality horse bedding to make our horse comfortable all year round.

Our collection of Snowflake horse bedding is available in either soft chip or supreme, so you can choose what type suits you and your horses needs the most. All of our products are available at affordable prices and Snowflake bedding is no exception. All of the dust is extracted from the bedding to ensure a healthy respiratory system for your horse and has a pine fresh odour.

At Snack and Tack we have a very extensive collection of horse bedding so check it out and see what else we have to offer in order to suit yours and your horses’ specific needs.


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